Out of the box it felt as good and, in parts, better then some of the best kits I've worn....

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Tell us why you think you'd make a great addition to the #punkcyclingcrew

We will be checking out your social media presence while reviewing applications. We care more about your engagement than your follower count on your social posts, so the more comments and conversations the better chance you have at becoming an ambassador. Those selected will be notified via email by October 30th 2018.

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Good luck and thank you for your interest!

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Mike Boudrie‍‍
La Velocita

It's a brilliant value kit that is banging well above its price point. Would I buy this kit? Yes, definitely.

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How does our KIT rate?

We have put in much time and effort into developing our apparel and recently had our kit reviewed by La Velocita. Here are a few comments from the review:

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Punk Cycling is a premium, edgy, urban brand looking to introduce a certain way of thinking to the cycling apparel market. Individuality is rare, and this is embodied in our product range. We offer premium products for the inner Punk in us all. Punk Cycling has been built off the back of hard-work, research and a love of cycling. We are looking for passionate creatives who can motivate and become an inspire others into the world of Punk Cycling.

The Punk Cucling Affiliate Program allows approved websites to link to Punk Cycling and begin earning commission on click-thru sales. There is no charge to become an affiliate. We pay you. We will provide links for you to place on your site, email campaigns and search listings and earn commissions. Each time your visitors click through an affiliate link to and makes a purchase, you'll earn a commission*. Through our affiliate tracking provider, you gain access to creative assets and performance metrics to help you optimise your efforts. We process the order, ship the merchandise and handle the customer service. It's that simple.


  • 10% commission on each sale
  • An Affiliate account w/ a personal Referral link. With your account you will be able to check information such as sales, traffic, and account balance.
  • A 30-day tracking cookie
  • Average order size: A $300
  • Banner and text creative, updated monthly
  • Opportunity for exclusive offers & codes
  • Frequent communications regarding new products, technologies & promotions


What is the Punk Cycling Affiliate Program?

Affiliate Program Highlights & Benefits.

Affiliate Criteria.


  • Content Bloggers
  • Influencers
  • Shopping agg‍‍‍egators
  • Innovative publishers
  • Sub networks
  • Have an engaged audience